ROR012: Racist Chinese Laundry Commercial | Panda Express Introduces Chork

On today’s show we welcome new host Casey Kassa as he discusses the touchy topic of racism as seen in the trending racist video from China.¬†On a similar note, Panda Express is discussing the production of the new fork/chopstick hybrid called a “chork.” As usual, bounds are overstepped.

ROR011: Subscription-Based World – Exclusive Ebama Interview

On this episode we never really had the opportunity to discuss our main topic since John when on a rave about subscription-based products and services. Well, at least we got to talk to Ebama.

ROR009: Thomas Gibson “Criminal Minds” | Olympics Women’s Soccer Team Eliminated

On this episode of Rip On Radio, we talk about Criminal Minds actor Thomas Gibson being fired from the show after an altercation with the producer, Ruby Tuesday is closing a bunch of restaurants, and the US women’s Olympic soccer team is out… already.

ROR006: Apple Unveils New Products – iPhone 6s, Apple Pen, iPad

Mahoots is back in this episode 6, where we talk about Apple and all their new products coming to the market. Are they worth it? Or is Apple just trying to come up with lame excuses for the masses to ditch their old electronics and buy new ones?