We’re not really sure how you found us… did you lose a bet or are you being forced at fork-point? Either way you’ve made your way to the RORfm PodCast: A show that discusses news, videos, and topics that are currently trending or viral… that is, if we can get through a whole show; sometimes our hosts tend to go off track and discuss their personal lives or other stories that are completely irrelevant. But then again, some people like that kind of thing.


Sancho Sanchez

We’re really not sure where this guy came from. One day he showed up to our door with a “now hiring” sign that wasn’t even ours. We kind of pitied the guy and took him in, but he’s really been more of a liability than anything. He tends to speak his mind (and an astounding mind it is) which often gets us into trouble. We would tell you a little more about his history, but we’re not even sure when he’s telling the truth!

Casey Kassa

After going through a few hosts, Casey was really the only guy willing to put up with Sancho so he was the obvious choice. He began his career as a mounted police officer… well that’s not actually true; he merely groomed and cared for the horses that the Mounties used, but since he’s small, in his youth he was a decent jockey. He’s gets things done very meticulously and he certainly knows how to pinch a penny.