Traffic, Traffic? Hello?



Oh wow, so this is a blog eh? Casey told me I should write something here so I thought the best use of this space would be to beg and plea for traffic. I go to these other podcast sites and it appears people are having a good time, like an online frat party or something, whereas ours looks like my uncle Pepe’s old haunted house, which gives me the creeps, ok? Granted, RORfm is a very new podcast and I understand it takes time to build an audience (that’s what I hear anyway, who knows if it’s true), but I don’t want to risk losing my job, you know, I have like 3 or 4 kids to support and working here keeps me from engaging in my other bad habits.


Alright, I’ll make a deal here. For the first 100 dedicated listeners of our podcast, I will give a new car… well not really a new car, it’s more like a used car… and by “a” car I actually mean 1 car divided into 100 pieces. Oh wait, our producer just saw me typing here and told me that I cannot do that; that it is something called bribery. Well, whatever.

Well, what else should I say here… for one, there is a lot of viral content and other worthless junk online, so Casey and I have a lot of stuff to go through. Stay tuned, keep listening, and I’ll see about getting you a piece of my old car.

You know, now that I think of it, it makes no sense for me to ask for more traffic on a site that has no traffic. Great. I’ve just wasted my time. And here it is, a beautiful day outside, I could have been skinny dipping in my neighbors pool now that he’s away for the weekend.


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